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Breve descripción del tercer acto de El Barberillo de Lavapiés

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  1. 28 August, 01:37
    Answer:In Paloma's attic workshop the seamstresses sing while they work. Since the conspiracy was uncovered Paloma has not been able to see La Marquesita. She secretly hatches her plan to allow Marquesita and Don Luis to flee in disguise from Madrid. Lamparilla has made the final preparations, and brings in Don Luis in his finery; they all anticipate the journey out to the country.

    Just in time the four hide in Paloma's chamber as Don Pedro and his guards burst in. But Paloma and the noble couple are soon caught. However, Lamparilla had fled across the rooftops and he rushes back in to announce that Grimaldi has been removed and Floridablanca replaced him as prime minister. As a nephew of Grimaldi, Don Luis is forced to go into exile but La Marquesita decides to join him, while Lamparilla and Paloma pledge their mutual love, and all ends in joy and happiness.
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