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15 September, 18:12

What are brownfields

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  1. 15 September, 19:14
    The lands which are lef unuse after it is affected by environmental contamination.


    Brownfields are abandoned or unused fields where reuse is hindered by real or observed environmental contamination. The places may include localities destroyed by hazardous materials, petroleum or mine-scarred land. Brownfields are found in a city or town's manufacturing section, on areas with discontinued factories or industrial buildings, or other earlier contaminating operations like steel millhouses, refineries or landfills. It is mainly found in urban cities where there is normally a stronger potential to redevelop these localities. Some of the most frequent contaminants known at Brownfield sites are from fuels such as grease, propellant, diesel and kerosene from subterrene storage tanks, floor drains, External storage of barrels and machine, and cleaning solvents.
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