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How do you use observations in everyday life

2) How do you use observations in your everyday life?

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  1. 3 March, 17:53
    Some examples of observation include:

    A principal watching a teacher give a lesson to her class in order to judge her effectiveness as an educatorA scientist looking at a chemical reaction in an experimentA doctor watching a patient after administering an injectionA parent watching her children interact with other children on the playgroundAn astronomer looking at the night sky and recording data regarding movement and brightness of the objects he seesA zoologist watching lions in a den after prey is introduced to determine the swiftness of the animals' responseAir flight controllers watching their monitors for airplane movements and locationsA child watching a fish in a tankA chef watching his roast in the oven as it cooksA fisherman watching his line for tautness indicating a fish has bitten the baitA crabber watching his crab cages for activity indicating he has caught crabs A meteorologist watching the Doppler radar as a storm approaches A botanist recording daily data on plant growth after looking and measuring each dayA coach watching a group of athletes to choose which will join his teamA fan watching a baseball gameA chart showing data collected over a period of timeA written narrative of an employee's performanceA doctor watching a patient's reaction to medicationA psychologist watching a wife's reaction to her husband's confessionA daycare provider watching the children's interactionA baker watching her cake in the oven to ensure it rises and is cooked appropriatelyA chef watching water come to the perfect boil before adding pastaA little league coach watching children play to determine strengths and weaknessesA producer watching actors perform a sceneA kennel operator watching dogs play togetherAn audience member watching a movie unfold on the big screenA person sitting at a restaurant looking at the others around and people watchingA mechanic looking under the hood while the car is running to attempt to diagnose a problemA teacher watching her students work during independent work timeAn astronaut watching a chemical as they ascend to space in order to determine changesA boss watching construction workers build a house in order to determine their effectiveness A pit boss watching casino dealers and players to prevent theft or fraud
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