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20 May, 08:43

Which has more mass, a mole of water (h2o) or a mole of glucose (c6h12o6) ?

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  1. 20 May, 09:21
    It is important to note that mass and mole pertain to different units of measurement, thus, 1 mole of one substance may have a lower or higher mass compared to a different substance. The mass of an object gives a measure of the number of atoms present in the substance while the number of moles of a substance refers to the amount of a chemical substance it has and is often used for chemical reactions.

    For this problem, we first get the molar mass of each substance:

    Molar mass of H2O = 18.0153 g/mol

    Molar mass of C6H12O6 = 180.1559 g/mol

    We then convert each substance into units of mass (grams), where:

    1 mol H20 x 18.0153 g/mol = 18.0153 g H20

    1 mol C6H12O6 x 180.1559 g/mol = 180.1559 g C6H12O6

    It was then determined that 1 mole of glucose has more mass than 1 mole of water.
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