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22 June, 16:02

What is the name of S2Br6

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  1. 22 June, 16:56
    disulfur hexabromide


    First, identify the element names using your periodic table.

    "S" means sulfur. "Br" means bromine. The second element drops the ending and adds "-ide".


    sulfur bromide

    Decide if the compound is ionic or covalent.

    Since there are two non-metals, this is a covalent compound. So, will use Greek prefixes for the number of atoms. You can see the list below and find "2" and "6".


    disulfur hexabromide

    List of Greek number prefixes:

    1 mono

    2 di

    3 tri

    4 tetra

    5 penta

    6 hexa

    7 hepta

    8 octa

    9 nona

    10 deca

    The name of S₂Br₆ is disulfur hexabromide.
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