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10 February, 17:07

What is the theme of malcolm x's speech

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  1. 10 February, 17:20
    Its focused on how bieng racist against blacks dehuminizes people
  2. 10 February, 19:22
    On April 3, 1964, Malcolm X delivered one of the most empowering speeches in American history. Two thousand people including some of his enemies turned out to hear him speak in Cleveland, Ohio. X was a black civil rights activist who played a huge role in the black community during the mid 20th century. His speech "The Ballot or the Bullet," was about black nationalism during the current election year. At the time, blacks did not have much say in who they wanted to elect. The white politicians would come into black neighborhoods and push press, and force it upon blacks to put them in office. What X was trying to instill into the minds of his blacks was to be their person. He wanted them to vote for who they felt was the right choice to benefit blacks. "The Ballot or the Bullet," is discussing liberty or death. To either be free or die to try. Liberty or death was a phrase that was used by a young patriot by the name of Patrick Henry during the Revolutionary War.
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