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Who did James Curry leave behind in great distress?

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    James Curry b. 1815? in his "Narrative of James Curry, A Fugitive Slave" leaves his wife in great distress.


    James Curry the narrator had been inflicted with many cruelties and hardships during his stay with his master. Once James Curry let a boy take a horse to and feed him; while James Curry had already prepared the horse's feed. His mistake was that he did not do it himself and let the boy do it. On this his master's assistant flogged him some thirty forty strokes with hickory rod for this minor disobeying. In fact it was not even a disobeying. After this incident James Curry had decided to escape from his master and to a land of freedom. He had to leave her wife behind for which he was in great distress.

    These lines from his short autobiography tells about this,

    "This was our opportunity. We took our horses round to the road fence and hitched them, and ran for my wife's house. There I changed my clothes, and took my leave of her, with the hope of being soon able to send for her from a land of freedom, and left her in a state of distress which I cannot describe."
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