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29 September, 19:31

Write a sonnet poem about the ocean (14 lines)

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  1. 29 September, 20:56
    The ocean is a place of lots of joy

    with kids running around to play with lots of toys

    fun to build sand castles with their parents

    fun to get sun tans by the shore all day

    oh how i love to go to mrtyle beach

    oh how the water brings waves to my feet

    oh how i want to stay all day at the beach

    oh all the good things that the ocean can teach

    the sky is always so bright and so blue

    if it rains it feels just like catching the flu

    no need for lots of clothes just a swim suit

    because the beach is usually very hot

    the beach is a very cool spot to relax

    the waves touching your feet all the way to your back


    im n0t that good at poems but i tried my best
  2. 29 September, 22:40
    As i look from the edge of the ocean,

    glimmering golden, for its almost dawn

    So many waves coming towards me,

    And yet I know, there's alot more going on,

    the ocean stretches for miles around, So

    manycreatures with fins and gills, so many

    miles below the ground the waves are

    splashingcolser and closer, As I realise the

    world is bigger than it seems As i stare into

    the ocean, In the golden light, it gleams.
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