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31 August, 22:07

How is punctuation evolving?

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  1. 31 August, 23:41
    Evolution of Punctuation:

    Punctuations are the marks such a comma, exclamation, semi colon, question mark that we use while writing. Incorrect usage of punctuation mark can totally change the meaning of a sentence. Over the last few years punctuation has evolved a lot. People no more make proper use of punctuation marks, or rather they don't use if all at. For example: Emoji are widely used amongst youngsters and even by many writers. They don't really make use of exclamation, rather they will make use of surprised or any other relevant emoji. Apart from this, the use of apostrophe and hyphens are also reduced. Instead of writing aren't, they simply write aren't; E-mail is written as email. There are many more such examples of the evolution of punctuations.
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