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28 March, 23:55

Mentions pros and cons of solar energy and nuclear power

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  1. 29 March, 00:16
    Solar energy is plentiful, safe. But expensive to harness, inefficient to gather, it takes many solar panels. Nuclear energy is powerful, a lot of energy can be produced easily. But it leaves nuclear waste that has to be disposed of. Nuclear energy does not cause pollution as long as the wastes are dealt with.
  2. 29 March, 00:19

    solar energy pros and cons:

    pros: cons:

    renewable and sustainable expensive

    efficiency weather dependence

    energy independence exotic components

    environment friendly limited space

    works in different climate environmental pollutants

    nuclear power pros and cons:

    pros: cons:

    large fuel supply nuclear waste

    low environmental impact expensive to build

    cheaper than many other forms of energy accidents

    only moderate land disruption and use national security

    low risk of accidents


    all of the information i got is from google.
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