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16 September, 13:47

11) name four forces or effects that can influence the wind

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  1. 16 September, 15:35
    Answer: Tempeture, air pressure, centripetal acceleration and Earth rotation.

    Temperature: Warm air and cold air have different density. As warm air is less dense than cold air, it rides up and over the cold air causing winds.

    Air Pressure: At the Earth's surface, wind blows horizontally from high pressure to low pressure areas. Wind is faster in bigger pressure differences.

    Centripetal Acceleration: air speed is influenced by centripital acceleration this way, the direction of wind in the center of the circulation is also influenced. Cyclones, for example, are a association of centripital acceleration and air pressure differences.

    Earth's Rotation: Wind direction chance can be caused by the rotation of Earth on its axis. The Coriolis effect, easterlies are examples of the influence of the earth's rotation on Wind.
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