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8 May, 15:06

Which is an accurate statement about the English Civil War?

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  1. 8 May, 16:27
    The accurate statement about the English civil war is that "some English people supported the king, while others supported the Puritans in Parliament".


    English civil war is a governmental plottings between the Parliamentarians and royalists. This war took place from the period of year 1642 to 1651 as three separate wars. In that, first one took place from 1642 to the year 1646 and the second the period between 1648-1649 followed by the third between 1649-1651.

    During this war some supported the Royalist and stood by the side of the king because they refused to accept Puritans demands for radical reforms and they also hated their influence in the parliament and hence some supported the king and some supported puritans. The war ended bringing victory to the Parliamentarian.
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