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28 August, 04:34

A way of teaching still used today

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  1. 28 August, 05:25
    a way of teaching that is still used today would be the Socratic method.
  2. 28 August, 06:06
    I don't think teaching has changed all that much in 2000 years to be truthful. Jesus is said to have been a master teacher. He used very few methods: parables, learned references, complete and utter faith in the rightness of the Father. He was successful.

    Socrates used questions. His students were never let off the hook. If they faltered in even the smallest detail, he pursued them with a tenacity that forced them to defend themselves. He lived more than 2000 years ago. He was successful - - so much so that Athens feared his influence.

    Modern teachers carefully follow a line of thought from Grade 1 to Grade 12. Their objective is vastly different perhaps than the other two. They are interested in preparing students for what they will face when they leave the protection of the school system. You may not agree, but I think they are successful.

    What do these examples have in common?

    In my opinion the very vast majority of teachers have two qualities in common: they care about the people they teach; they care about the subject matter they are teaching or the skills or the training or whatever you want to call it. Most feel strongly about what they are doing.

    Few teachers will ever make the Frobes Billionaire's List if any at all. But they are content with enough.
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