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5 September, 05:29

How did the roles of women change during the 1950s and the 1960s?

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  1. 5 September, 07:23
    Civil rights and the vietnam war unit test


    1. voting; Intimidation and violence ...

    dinning; black customers ...

    bus riding; people of different ...

    2. B. King believed in civil disobedience, while Malcolm X believed violence was sometimes appropriate.

    3. C. There were protests in many neighborhoods.

    4. on ur own

    5. D. It showed Kennedy's confidence and calm in a high-pressure situation.

    6. on ur own

    7. B. The United States launched a space race that energized several industries.

    8. C. More women started working outside the home and feminism became prevalent.

    9. C. Young people rejected traditional social structures and opposed the Vietnam War.

    10. Rachel Carson


    Many animals

    The First

    11. C. Nixon met with many world leaders to improve relations. D. Nixon tried to relax Cold War tensions with the Soviet Union

    12. D. to pressure President Kennedy into keeping his promises about civil rights

    13. B. Johnson supported Medicare and the Civil Rights movement, while Nixon supported state block grants and created stagflation.

    14. Correct answer B.

    the My Lai Massacre

    15. D.

    The number of troops at the end of Nixon's presidency was less than the number of troops at the beginning of his presidency.

    16. It occurred to me ... The face of hatred ...

    17. C. Opponents of the war refused to register, burned their draft cards, moved, or made up health conditions.

    18. C. The accident caused radioactive gases to be released into the atmosphere.

    19. B. The counterculture pressured the government to end the war through protests.

    20. D. The peace symbols hint at the counterculture's desire to end the Vietnam War.

    21. D. They fought for laws protecting pregnant women from employment discrimination.

    22. B. It required schools to offer bilingual education to Spanish-speaking students.

    23. B. having improved housing, education, and economic opportunities in American Indian communities

    24. A leader ... Cesar

    A religious leader ... Martian

    A freedom rider ... John

    25. B. It was strongly opposed by a group of Southern Democrats.

    26. B. It meant racial segregation would no longer be allowed in colleges and public schools.

    27. C. Protests accompanied attempts to desegregate schools and other places.

    28. Stokely

    The 1960s

    The black panthers

    Malcolm X

    29. D. He believed that violence in response to violence was justified.
  2. 5 September, 07:28
    I think it changed because they became able to vote I'm 50% sure.
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