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25 February, 22:18

How did adolf hitler win the support of the german people?

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  1. 25 February, 22:44
    He won the support of the German people through his personal achievements such as rearming many sections of Germany and settling unemployed workers.


    Adolf Hitler came into power after the death of Reich President Paul von Hindenburg, then made himself leader of the German people, with the sworn oath of allegiance by the army.

    Early on, his leadership was met with opposition by some section of Germany, mainly by factory workers and other masses who were disgusted that their leader did not deal with the corrupt men around him who got richer while the people of Germany were in lack, hunger and facing mass unemployment.

    Hitler drew the majority of his critics to his side after he resettled about 7 million workers that were out of work, rearming Germany, and vowing to destroy the Treaty piece by piece because he described it as a glaring infringement on German sovereignty. So the major factors that made him win the support of the people was by putting an end to unemployment, increasing Germany's military might and changing the foreign policy.
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