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5 August, 16:58

How did the enlightenment threaten the English empire

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  1. 5 August, 18:30
    It prompted the ideas of colonial self-government and independence from Britain.
  2. 5 August, 18:37
    The answer is It provoked the thoughts of pioneer self-government and freedom from Britain.


    In the same way as other youths, the states defied their parent nation by announcing freedom. Be that as it may, the American vote based trial did not start in 1776. The settlements had been honing constrained types of self-government since the mid 1600's. Colonists were disturbed about the new assessments they needed to pay. In any case, they were more disturbed that the King and Parliament had burdened the settlements without their assent. Keep in mind, the settlements were not permitted to send delegates to Parliament to represent them. government.
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