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What is the Korean caste members in order.







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  1. 25 January, 10:55
    The Mongol army was better organized, better led, and better disciplined than the armies of its opponents

    2. The Mongol army was organized to diminish the divisive tribalism of the pastoral clan structure, partly by spreading members of tribes among different units of the army.

    3. The Mongols made up for their small numbers by incorporating huge numbers of conquered peoples into their military forces.

    4. The Mongols quickly acquired Chinese techniques and technology of siege warfare, which allowed them to overcome the elaborate fortifications of walled cities.

    5. The Mongols drew on conquered peoples to fill advisory and lower-level administrative positions.

    6. The Mongols welcomed and supported many religious traditions as long as they did not become the focus of political opposition. How did Mongol rule change
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