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16 September, 19:10

How to solve 2 (c 3) = c-13?

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  1. 16 September, 20:03
    First we substitute, what that means in here is that 2 (c + 3)

    Or minus I can't see the sign but what we do is we substitute 2 with c so that becomes 2c and 2 with 3 and that becomes 6 which gives us 2c + 6 = c-13

    Now we can either add 13 on both sides or subtract 6 on both sides, we can do this because they are like terms even if they are negative because they don't have any variable behind it. We will add 13 because we do the opposite of the sign you are solving some get 2c + 19 = c now we subtract 2c on both sides and we get 19 = - 1c and at the end we divide - 1 on both side and we get - 19 = c or

    c = - 19.
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