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14 April, 22:16

How to figúrate out if x makes the equation true

Answers (2)
  1. 14 April, 22:52
    You plug in the number for x and if it is equal to the solution then it is correct
  2. 14 April, 22:56
    Someone already explained this and their right but I wanted to add an example.

    Lets say you have the equation 4x+3=19.

    You solve it by subtracting three from both sides to isolate x which gives you 4x=16 and dividing both sides by 4 to get you an answer of 4.

    Now, you know x=4 but you're not completely sure so you can check it.

    Substitute the known value of x into the original equation and check to see if both sides equal.

    4 (4) + 3=19



    This checks out so your answer is correct.
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