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15 April, 20:06

546/5 it is hard it i

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  1. 15 April, 20:23
    First lets do the long division method. First we need to fit 5 into 5. That would be 1. So we write a 1 above the 546. Then we need to fit 5 into 4. Well it doesn't fit so we write a zero move another number. How many 5s fit into 46 well that would be 9. All we have left is a remainder of 1 which cannot fit into 5 and there are no more numbers


    109 R 1

    If you want a decimal that would be 109.2 or 109 1/5
  2. 15 April, 21:04

    Step-by-step explanation:

    If the number being divided does not end in 5 or 0, it being divided by 5 will not be equal. Therefor it might be better to try and use a calculator if you can't do it in your head.
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