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25 February, 10:47

How do i divide?:-) I nevered learned

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  1. 25 February, 11:16
    This is what I do if it was 10 divided by 2 it will be 5 because 2 could fit into 10 five times right? So the answer will be 5 ...
  2. 25 February, 11:27
    Division is very simple don't worry. division is the opposite of multiplication.

    if i wanted to share 12 cookies with 6 people, i would want to share it evenly.

    12 divided 6 = 2 cookies per person

    now back to division being the opposite of multiplying. note how 12 divided by 6 = 2, right? well, read that backwards.

    2 x 6 = 12. it isn't a coincidence!

    now, let's try something different.

    i have 8 cookies. i want to split them evenly with a friend. how many do we each get?

    8 divided by 2

    answer below

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