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5 September, 21:04

Why do sociologist study both health and mass media

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  1. 5 September, 22:22
    Sociology is the study of human relationships, families, systems, and networks. Sociology primary goal is to explain and break down our nature as social creatures. The reason why sociologist world study both health and mass media is because both are viewed as important to human beings. our health is essential to breathing and being able to live long and satisfying lives. Mass media is all the things we occupy that gives us something in return. it is a trade. such as in social media, television, cellphones, and music. Based on the mass media we consume there can be conclusions made about our health and our state of mind. for instance most of us know research proves sitting in front of the television 6 hours or more a day is unhealthy. that is a conclusion backed by decades of evidence.
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