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Communication between cells tissues and organs blood component

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    Cells, tissues, organs, organs systems and components of blood all are interlinked. Because an organ system cannot function all alone.


    Different types of cells perform specific functions in the body. A group of cells binds to form a tissues and it performs the same function as the cells. There are four different types of tissues that make up the human body. they are epithelial, connective, nervous and muscle tissues.

    1. Epithelial Tissues: It is made up of cells that forms the inner and outer lining of body surface. It protects internal organs of the body assimilate nutrients and secrete hormones.

    2. Connective Tissues: The cells forms skeleton such as bones and cartilages.

    3. Muscle Tissues: It is made up of cells ability to movement and contraction. Bones are covered by muscle tissues allows the body to movement.

    4. Nervous Tissues:It is made of nerves and neurons carries signals to the brain. It make up the brain and nerves are connected through out the body.

    5. Blood components: Plasma, RBCs, WBCs, Platelets

    6. Plasma: Main component of blood comprises proteins, ions, water and nutrients.

    7. RBCs: Carries Oxygen and Carbondioxide to the cells

    8. WBCs: Significant in immune system and performs immune response

    9. Platelets: It clots blood
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