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5 July, 22:24

Cells divide differentiate or die. What is differentiation

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  1. 5 July, 22:41
    The differentiation is the process when the cell division stops and cell is determinant for a particular function.


    The cell type changed to any other cell type. The changes made the cell to become a specialized type of cell. The repair system of body allows the stem cells to divide and differentiate even in adults for repairing and normal turnover of cells. The process of differentiation provides cells a special function to perform in the body. The differentiated cells stops the process of division. Thus, the cell prepares to perform a particular function. For example, a neuron cell become specialized and develops as axon.
  2. 6 July, 00:08
    Differentiation is the process of a cell changing to become specialised. An example of undifferentiated cells are Embryonic Stem cells. These are very useful as they can turn into any cell. This can be used to cure diabetes, paralysis and more. Many people however disagree with the use of Embryonic stem cells on the grounds of religious beliefs.
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