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10 February, 17:29

How is forensic science implemented?

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  1. 10 February, 17:56
    In an interrogation, forensic investigators gather, store, and examine scientific proof. Even though some investigators travel to the crime scene to retrieve the samples directly, others carry on a lab function, conducting analyzes of items delivered to them by other people. In the term forensic refers to a public conversation or review. Since trials were usually conducted in open in the old world it brings a clear connotation of the judiciary, while science is related with truth by applying scientific method or a systematic way of knowledge acquisition.

    This science is implemented by

    reaching crime scene on time to fetch out all necessary evidence by collecting sample; then holding the sample with security and safety to avoid any loss; carrying experiment in legally authorized laboratories by applying several methods like high performance liquid chromatography, fingerprint checking, electrolysis, documentation, plagiarism checker; then the data is collected to report the court during hearing.
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