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30 November, 12:34

Give at least one example of epistasis?

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  1. 30 November, 13:35
    Example of the Epistasis in plants is observed in the "summer squash".


    Epistasis refers to a gene interaction in which one gene is masked by the other gene and affect the phenotype. The gene which masks the other gene is known as the epistatic gene and the gene which is being masked is known as the hypostatic gene.

    The epistasis gene effect is observed in which more than one gene controls the same phenotype.

    The example can be observed in the summer squash fruits in which more than one gene controls the color of the fruit.

    The summer squash can be controlled by the white allele (W), Yellow allele (G) and the green by the recessive form of the w and g. If the W gene is present than it masks the other allele and thus white colour becomes dominant and is considered the case of the dominant epistasis.
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