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3 March, 05:36

Flow chart to show how protein is produced and shipped from a cell easy

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  1. 3 March, 08:25
    The Process to produce or manufacture protein molecules:

    To produce the proteins we first get a sample of sequences from the central dogma, as the DNA's sequence is obtained by slicing it up using the polymerase enzyme.

    After which Two main processes takes place:

    Transcription process, Translation process.


    Transcription process:

    As during the transcription process the sequence of genes sliced up from the DNA sequence inside the cell is used, and in the shape of mRNA (messenger RNA) the message or the blueprint is sent to the ribosomes for further processing.

    Translation process:

    In ribosomes are also termed as, "the protein manufacturing factories". As there are about 20 different types of amino acids, which makes up about 64 combinations which can be possibly forms from there arrangements.

    As the tRNA detaches the optimum number of amino acids from its molecule. As the proteins are formed and then further, used in different regions of the cellular and extra cellular processes.
  2. 3 March, 08:54
    Before the messenger RNA can be used for a template for the production of proteins. The mRNA then moves out of the nucleus into the cytoplasm. Protein factories in the cytoplasm called Ribosomes bind to the mRNA. The ribosomes then reads the code in the mRNA to produce a chain made up of amino acids.
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