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12 April, 19:51

List five things you should do if you are a victim of identity theft

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  1. 12 April, 20:13
    1. Placing a fraud alert on credit reports

    2. Reviewing your credit report

    3. Document everything

    4. place a credit freeze

    5. File an identity theft report


    Firstly, you should place a fraud alert on your credit reports, which will give your creditors alert that they need further information before they exceed credit to you. This will also make lot more difficult for someone to open another credit line, because he/she has to verify your identity Secondly, you should review your credit report-once you get it review it for any missing or wrong information. You will gain the right to credit report once identity theft has been determined Thirdly, document everything-you need to stay organized and have detailed account of the progress you make. For instance, record the time and date of every made phone call Consider placing a credit freeze-this will enable current holder of your documents to extend credit line using your data File an identity theft report-this usually assumes visiting the nearest police department
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