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6 September, 07:12

What type of map should have a north arrow, key, and map scale?

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  1. 6 September, 07:35
    Answer : Political MapExplanation:

    A political map is a kind of map which contains a north arrow, key and a map scale.

    This kind of map usually indicates the governmental boundaries of countries, states, or any counties,

    And, they give information about the location of major cities, also they usually include significant bodies of water.
  2. 6 September, 08:31
    Political maps contains north direction, key and scale of map


    Map is the two-dimensional representation of the earth showing its various features and locations along with proper latitude and longitude. It has different types of maps, of which the physical maps are widely used. Political maps are those maps in which the countries are separated by distinct boundaries. It is widely used to determine the location of any particular place on earth. It highlights the countries with different colors with various colors excluding blue because the blue color is used to represent the water bodies on earth.

    These political maps are comprised of keys, the north direction and the scale of the map.
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