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25 February, 05:20

What do you see as the main cause of stress for teens today? Why?

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  1. 25 February, 05:55
    School and having the perfect grades and being envolved in multiple clubs just to get into a college
  2. 25 February, 06:36
    School and social lives.

    Students are pressured into always getting perfect grades, keeping in mind they are also expected to particiate in sports or clubs, have a personal social life, do chores, keep up a healthy relationship with their family, finish often hours homework, especially if it is an honors student, and school projects (which can sometimes involve finding money to pay for supplies if your family cant pay for it), get plenty of excercise, take time to themselves, and get (according to recommendation) 8 hours of sleep at the least, and 10 is the recommended amount for teens.

    Toss in the pressure to have a dedicated romantic relationship, large social circle, and avoid making enemies, and you have a pretty packed schedule, which in itself is stressful because you feel rushed to get everything done.
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