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In the ecomienda system Spanish colonists were expected to do

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    The "Encomienda System" was a system used by Spanish colonists whereby native laborers (like Native Americans) would pay tribute (tax) to the Spanish Encomendero. Tributes given were in the form of agricultural products, gold, metals and other goods. In exchange, the native laborers were given protection against opponent tribes by the Spanish Encomendero. They were also educated about religion, particularly the Catholic faith.

    It was meant to be a peaceful and mutually beneficial relationship, but it led to abuse and slavery. The native Indians were given harder labor than before and the Spanish Encomendero became cruel to them.

    So, this explains the answer.
  2. 25 February, 22:18
    Answer: Encomienda was a system that was characteristic of the colonization of a country.


    Specifically, it is a system used by the Spanish Crown to reward its colonizers with several people from conquered Indigenous areas. This system was most used during the Spanish colonization of the United States and the Philippines. Spain considered the conquered areas as its vassal territories. Several Indigenous people, therefore, had to work in the interest of the Spanish Crown. In return, they were promised protection from other tribes. The natives would thus pay their "taxes" in various goods such as food, metals and other necessities. Therefore, Encomienda represents the Spanish system of taxation of the conquered areas.
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