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8 April, 08:02

Equal Rights which answer below?



Minority Rights


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  1. 8 April, 08:31
    Equal Rights matches with equality. By Equality/Equal Rights it is meant that everybody has the same legal tools, no discrimination is made based on sex, sexuality, ethnicity and/or social status, the laws warrant the same duties and rights. Equal Rights have nothing to do with Socialism, a forced attempt to distribute wealth, Equal Rights mean that the law asserts the same rules for everybody to play, just like a game, maybe your team has better players than mine, but the same rules apply to both sides.

    Standards are not necessarily associated with Equal Rights because one can establish a legal system which favors a group over others (think of Nazi Germany) and this can be their standard. But surely, on the hand, it is vital for the maintenance of Equal Rights to have clear standards and not random arbitrary laws which can be applied at the whim of who is in command.

    Minority Rights are related to Equal Rights, in the sense that these rights are part of the bigger jurisprudence of Equal Rights, for instance Equal Rights says that students should be taught their local languages, then if there is a minority in a given country which speaks a different language, this language should be promoted and classes taught not oinly in the language of the country but also in the local language.

    Sovereignty is normally associated with Equal Rights, think of Tibet in China which wants its soveregnty, but it is not paramount for this, the United Kingdom is composed of England, Wales, Scotland and Northen Ireland and although there were some disputes in the recent past in Northen Ireland, mostly the people in these countries enjoy the ulmost Democracy and Equal Rights.
  2. 8 April, 08:47
    Answer: equility


    equal rights do match equility
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