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25 February, 10:30

What are differences between the girondins and the mountain

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  1. 25 February, 10:57
    Hi thalia


    Girondins wanted the king alive. Mountains, more radical, wanted execution. However, both groups were members of the Jacobin club.

    The Mountain (French: La Montagne) was a political group during the French Revolution

    They were the most radical group and opposed the Girondins. The Mountain was composed mainly of members of the middle class, but represented the constituencies of Paris.

    The Girondins were a moderate political faction created during the Legislative Assembly period. They were the political opponents of the more radical representatives within the Mountain. The Girondins had wanted to avoid the execution of Louis XVI and supported a constitution which would have allowed a popular vote to overturn legislation.

    The Mountain accused the Girondins of plotting against Paris because this caveat within the proposed constitution would have allowed rural areas of France to vote against legislation that benefits Paris, the main constituency of the Mountain. However, the real discord in the Convention occurred not between the Mountain and the Gironde, but between the aggressive antics of the minority of the Mountain and the rest of the Convention.
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