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3 August, 06:32

List the names of 2 non American world leaders during the 60s

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  1. 3 August, 07:39
    Emperor Hirohito of Japan

    Hirohito is known as Japan's longest reigning emperor, serving around 63 years. Hirohito also reigned as Japan's emperor during World War II, joining the well known Axis powers and forming the Tripartite Pact with Italy and Germany. He eventually died in 1989, leaving behind a very long legacy filled with numerous occurrences.


    Leonid Brezhnev of the Soviet Union

    Leonid served as the leader of the Soviet Union for around 18 years, even during the Cold War. Leonid was known for his love of nuclear weapons, which a big chunk of this took place during the Cold War. He ended up spending a lot of the Soviet Union's money during the Arms Race with the United States. Leonid Brezhnev passed in 1982, leaving a full life behind.
  2. 3 August, 07:42
    Fidel Castro (cuba), Georgy Malenkov (Russia)
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