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What evidence shows that the uprisings at Treblinka and Sobibor were not a complete failure?

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    Firstly let us discuss the Treblinka uprising, the Treblinka uprising started as a result of the Nazi's wish to kill the jew by it Nazi's SS, In November 1941, they established a forced labour camb for the Jews called Treblinka 1 and in July 1942, they established Treblinka 2 where they established two Operation Reinhard killing centers, Belzec and Sobibor, these two centers contains a built Chamber, once the Jews were made to run nakedly into this Chambers, the chamber doors were sealed, an engine installed outside the building pumped carbon monoxide into the gas chambers, killing those inside.

    The Germans killed an estimated 925,000 Jews at the Treblinka killing center, as well as an unknown number of Poles, Roma, and Soviet POWs.

    Treblinka uprising started in Early 1943, when some Jewish inmates organize a resistance group, although they recorded some success through the seized weapon from the camp armory but were discovered before they could take over the camp. Hundreds of prisoners stormed the main gate in an attempt to escape but Many were killed by machine-gun fire.

    Sobibor was also a Nazi concentration camp existed for the sole purpose of exterminating Jews.

    Sobibor uprising is the same as the Treblinka uprising, the uprising which plan was developed by Alexander Pechersky and Leon Feldhendler, Ended up in Mass murder of the Jews

    Although, the both uprising lead to death of many Jews, many Jews still escape meaning that the uprising was not a complete failure ...
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