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22 January, 21:36

How did Americans spend thier time after the civil war

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  1. 22 January, 22:44
    Electrical power extended time for work and play. The telegraph which made it possible for people to communicate better. Oil made it possible for people to pay less money. These relate to modern revolution because they create acess to many different forms of imformation by creating new jobs and connevting more pepole together. It made it so now people can accomplish more from home. For example: reasearch, shopping, pay bills, etc. Read newspapers and novels and vist art and history museums to improve their minds and to have fun. They took classes to improve their education which people do today also. Amusement parks were also popular back then. Shows such as the Wild West shows were very popular back then. They are not popular today but compare to rock and roll concerts and movies. Spectator sports were also popular.
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