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What impact did the Battle of Monmouth have on the Revolutionary War?

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    The battle took place in Monmouth County, New Jersey on June 28, 1778 where General George Washington attacked the British Army’s rear column under the commanded of Lieutenant General Sir Henry Clinton as they depart from Monmouth Court House. Due to mishandling of the Continental Army by Major General Charles Lee, it enabled British rearguard commander Lieutenant General Charles Cornwallis to take the advantage. However, General Washington arrived on the battlefield and united the Americans along a hilltop hedgerow. Seeing a chance to defeat the Americans, Cornwallis pressed his attack and seized the hedgerow in stifling heat. Washington merged his troops in a new line on heights at the rear of the marshy ground and used his artillery to hit the British in their positions, ordered a four-gun battery commanded by Major General Nathanael Greene to shoot the British line, forcing Cornwallis to leave the field. Washington tried to hit the British rear guard but it was getting dark and the battle ended. Later General Clinton departed at midnight to continue their march to New York City. The battle revealed the growing improvement and efficiency of the Continental Army in discipline and morale. It also enhanced the military reputations of Washington, Lafayette and Anthony Wayne. General Charles Lee was court-martialed due to his poor performance on the field.
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