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6 September, 15:39

How do you decompose 1 3/4?

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  1. 6 September, 16:00
    All you have to do it multiply your numerator by your whole and add your denominator, but I have a trick. It's the triangle trick. Set it up like I did. N is to remind you the numerator goes there, w is for whole, and d is obviously for denominator. If you gave trouble remember write your fraction in the middle and put the numbers at its closest angle. Also if you can't remember which symbols, think the numerator is increasing so it's the signs that increase things, and multiplication is first in order of operations. After you set it up, right in the numbers you know. Do the math clockwise (write the first number anywhere, and the second in front of the fraction bar. You'll have your answer
  2. 6 September, 17:30
    If you are trying to find an improper fraction the answer is 7/4
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