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23 February, 12:28

If the circumstance is 24,901 what is the diameter?

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  1. 23 February, 13:53
    C = 2PiR

    24901=2 x 22:7 * R


    24901 x 7=44R



    R = Approx. 3962

    D = 3962 x 2

    D = 7924
  2. 23 February, 14:24
    I assume that you meant circumference instead of circumstance as circumstance is not a math term.

    Given that the circumference is 24,901, determine the diameter.

    So, when we find the circumference of a circle. We multiply the diameter by pi (3.14).

    However, if we want to find the diameter, we can reverse it by dividing by pi to get the diameter.

    So, it would become:

    D = C/pi

    D = 24901/3.14

    D = 7930.25

    Thus, the diameter is 7,930.25 (insert units here).
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