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6 July, 19:15

Does x/x+6 simplify to 1/6?

Explain why or why not.

Answers (2)
  1. 6 July, 19:53

    Step-by-step explanation:

    x / (x+6)

    To cancel x, you have to take x common in the denominator. But there's no x with 6 so can't
  2. 6 July, 23:10
    No, it does not.

    x and x + 6 are both prime and cannot be factored.

    There are no common factors to divide out.

    x over x + 6 is already simplified.

    If you substitute in a value for x, the fraction will not be equal to 1/6

    Step-by-step explanation:

    Theres not a sample response but this is the list of the "which answers did you include in your response"

    Let me know if it worked
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