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23 January, 04:41

How do fine the base of a triangle

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  1. 23 January, 06:21
    First, you must substitute numbers or letters for area and height. You put the area before the equal sign and replace the height with a letter/variable. Multiply the height by. 5 (1/2). Then, solve for the base.
  2. 23 January, 06:21
    Substitute numbers for area and height.

    Put the area before the equals sign, and replace the letter h with the height.

    ... Multiply 1/2 by the height.

    Calculate 1/2 x h/1 to get h/2 ... Isolate the b variable.

    To isolate b, divide the entire equation by the number on the same side of the equation as b.

    ... Solve for b.
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