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9 February, 18:09

How can noise damage our ear's?

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  1. 9 February, 19:39
    Noise is a powerful sound, almost like a energy force like magic, of where humans can tap into the supernatural force and have powers, noise is strong like that, sound waves can affect people and things, like the superhero black canary, her sound waves are cranked to maximum to knock down people when she screams, that's because sound waves travel and so it can be lightly where if u are in a hotel watching tv, your neighbor can have his sound system on loud and u can hear him 3 blocks away, that's because of the sound waves u hear can travel fast all the way to u, so noise damage can hurt our ears by say for ex u are in your zone and etc listening to music, u turn it up high and everything, u think its cool and all but when u don't hear nothing, u freak out and panic, so just like noise can knock people over, it can basically pop our ear drums figuratively and can hurt our ears.
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