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22 January, 21:34

What should we be doing about climate change

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  1. 22 January, 21:54
    Answer: Take measures that can minimize the effects it is having on the world.


    Climate change is a reality and it is time to take action before it is too late. We have seen how nature repeatedly surprises us with a series of phenomena due to climate change, which is a response to the seriousness of the situation.

    While it is true that we hear great leaders talk about climate change and the solutions that several propose, it is time that from the position we have we begin to collaborate for the well-being of our planet. Some actions that can be implemented to do something for climate change are the following:

    1. Recycling: recycling action is one of the most important. Daily we can see how garbage in many countries is not recycled, contributing to pollution and that climate change continues its course. Recycling allows for less garbage since they can be used in other ways that impact the planet in less harmful ways. It is important to throw the different types of garbage in their boats and not in the street.

    2. Control the use of appliances: while it is true that we live in a connected era and that the use of energy is essential, we must be aware and make proper use of it. Turning off the bulbs before leaving should be the norm, as well as any type of appliance that is not used.

    3. Driving less: when the vehicle is used less, this contributes to less carbon dioxide. Using public transportation can be an option or walking.
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