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What was Mandela's ideologies and beliefs

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  1. 23 January, 08:32
    Democracy, Africa ruled by Africans, end of segregation and racism, improving the economy and using the resources instead of being used by others etc.


    Nelson Mandela is a famous historic figure from South Africa. He is best known for leading a movement for ending the apartheid in South Africa and promoting rights for the black people of this country. Also, Mandela was elected as the first black president of South Africa.

    The ideals and beliefs of Nelson Mandela were that there should be no segregation and racism in South Africa. Everyone should have the same opportunities in life. Africans need to rule the African countries, not the white people. There should be democracy established. The resources with which South Africa is rich should be used by South Africa only, not to be exploited by other countries.

    While all of these ideas seem to be good in general, in practice it didn't really had any particular positive effect. South Africa has been ruled by Africans for around three decades now. The conditions in the country have not improved. There's no real democracy. The racism is widespread, just that now the cards have reversed and it is the black population that terrorized the white population. The economy is similar situation and is everything but prosperous and powerful one.
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