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What is community organizer

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  1. 10 February, 12:10
    A community organizer is a person whose role is to develop, assess and change social policies relating to a specific group.


    Let's learn more about the answer by defining what community organizing is at first.

    Community Organizing - This is a process by which people who live close to each other come together in one organization. These people share a common interest and tries to promote it.

    The Duties of a Community Organizer

    It is the duty of the organizer to develop sound strategies, assist with fundraising or facilitate important sessions such as training and the like. He guides the whole group and works alongside with them. He listens to the concerns of the group and tries to address the issues accordingly. The organizer also keeps an accurate record of all this events and happenings so it can be forwarded to the government. In this case, the problem will have an easier way to be solved.

    In order to fulfill these duties, the organizer must be influential and must possess an excellent communication skill. He should also be passionate about community service and must have an outstanding leadership skill.
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