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According to the map used here, which of the following statements is true regarding the outcome of World War I?

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  1. 14 April, 05:37
    The first world war was a consequence of the conflicts for economic expansion among European countries in the late nineteenth century. That model of economic development at its first moment became known as colonization. The period in which the Europe explored other regions outside of Europe searching for raw material that would be manufactured. Regions such as Africa and Asia became a target because they were a rich lands. At that moment colonization had already produced the biggest empires. The imperialism produced a huge conflict and disagreement among those nations.

    The World War I killed nearly 13 million people and left 20 million wounded and maimed. The material losses were also enormous and roads, bridges, entire cities had to be rebuilt. It began a period of decline in Europe, with the social problems of unemployment, hunger, and misery. Europe had reconfigured itself as some empires crumble and new countries have emerged. The creation of the League of Nations in January 1919, based in Geneva, Switzerland, was inspired by the peace proposals of US President Woodrow Wilsoon. The aim was to get nations to diplomatically discuss their problems before going to war. The United States was the great winner of the conflict. They traded for more than three years with the Allies, did not see their territory invaded by enemies and still became creditors of European nations. Their industries would not suffer competition from Europe and their losses were few compared to those of European partners. For this reason, the country would follow its rise as a world power.
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