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How do Spanish South America's government compare with the of the United States

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    The majority of Spanish South Americas' governments are compared with the one of the United States over the fact that constitutionally speaking, they are all Democratic Republics, the constitution supports the whole system on the principles of democracy. The structure of the local and federal government is established in the constitution. These republics are divided in states even if the name of their appellation may vary. With few exceptions the most representative figure of the government is the president. It is present the figure of the vice president, and heads of executive departments known essentially as Ministers. In the same way the legislative power is divided in two chambers in the congress; senate and a house of representatives. In the same way as in the United States, The judiciary branch is composed as well by a Supreme Court and lower federal courts but depending on the country its level of inference may vary.

    Although there are two main political parties which had ruled the scene in the United States there are other minority parties which take part in the elections. In many Latin American countries two major political parties shared the main political scene for long time but this reality began to change during the 1990s and several nontraditional parties have reached the presidency.
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