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What role strain does Cady come across?

Sociology Mean Girls

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    Role strain occurs when a person struggles to meet the responsibilities of a particular role he or she has taken on. A role is defined as a set of expectations in behaviour and obligations that a person has based on his or her particular place in society. Sometimes, different roles can be difficult to reconcile. This could lead to role conflict. The difference between role conflict and role strain is that conflict refers to the problem of having opposing roles, while strain refers to the difficulty within a particular one.

    In Mean Girls, Cady is struggling to meet the role that she has chosen at her high school, which is that of a popular, superficial girl. She also experiences role conflict between her identities as a mean girl, a new girl at school, a good student and a respectful daughter are difficult to reconcile. This role strain she suffers is the catalyst for most events in the movie.
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