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6 September, 20:04

What does Neuwirth argue that the people in these communities need?

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  1. 6 September, 20:52
    Informal communities need the guarantee that they will not be evicted from that space and have access to the policy.


    In his book "Shadow Cities", Robert Neuwirth explains how, in the future, communities generated in an improvised manner, in spaces that are not legally considered urbanization, will be the most viable alternative, due to the high costs of private property, high unemployment rate, among others.

    He argues that for these communities to be sustainable over time, it is necessary to guarantee that these people will not be evicted from this space, not necessarily with the current concept of private property since many times it has already been inaccessible for that sector of the population. They also need access to the policy, so that they can actively intervene in the improvement of their community, possibility to have access to resources, among others.
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