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6 November, 16:00

What three different types of migration occur in Southwest Asia and North Africa

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  1. 6 November, 17:49
    The most important feature that ties North Africa/Southwest Asia together is many of the people follow Islam. A large number are also the same ethnicity, Arab, although there are many other ethnic groups in the area. These things are true of both Northern Africa, but not Africa South of the Sahara, and Southwest Asia, but not other parts of Asia. That is why those sections of the continents are studied together. Other important features of the Mideast are the abundance of petroleum, the difficulty in having enough water, and a high level of conflict.

    hope that's not a lot?
  2. 6 November, 19:53
    North Africa/Southwest Asia (also known as the Mideast) is an excellent example of a region: although is made up of countries on two continents, it is still considered a region because the people in the area share many things, especially religion. A region is the places in the world that share something in common. A region can be a particular area, like "Southern Europe", or it can be all the places in the world that have something in common, like "Places where wheat is the most important crop" or "Schools with great Geography

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